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    2014 – Current Dodge 2500/3500 4WD 2.5″ Dual Rate Coil-Spring Kit



    ICON Vehicle Dynamics

    65.00 lb


    The ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2.5″ Dual Rate Spring System for (’14+) Ram 2500 / (’13+) 3500 4WD offers you both incredible ride quality and performance. This 2.5″ dual rate spring system offers an initial soft ride zone with an aggressive 2nd rate to help prevent bottoming out. These ICON springs have a dual stage powder coat process to help prevent corrosion and are shot peened and pre-set to prevent sagging. Front extended length shocks are required for complete installation, and we offer 2.0 Aluminum Series smooth body and Remote Reservoir or our 2.5 Series Reservoir shock with or without CDC (compression damping contol) Valve. All ICON shocks are engineered to be the correct length offering maximum droop and compression travel, then tuned to work hand in hand with these springs for the best available on and offroad performance.

    Key Features:

    • ICON engineered dual rate coil springs

    • Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock

    • Less body roll than stock

    • No drive shaft modifications needed

    • No change in towing capacity

    • Made in the USA


    216528        2.0 Aluminum Series Smooth Body Front Shocks

    216529        2.0 Aluminum Series Smooth Body Rear Shocks 

    217802P      2.5″ V.S. Series Remote Reservoir Front Shocks (Pair)

    217704P      2.5″ V.S. Series Piggyback Reservoir Rear Shocks (Pair)

    217802CP    2.5″ V.S. Series CDCV Remote Reservoir Front Shocks (Pair)

    217704CP    2.5″ V.S. Series CDCV Piggyback Reservoir Rear Shocks (Pair)

    214203        2014+ Ram 2500 / 2013+ 3500 Front Adjustable Track Bar Kit

    214204        2014+ Ram 2500 Rear Adjustable Track Bar Kit

    Tech Info:

    • 4wd Applications only

    • (2014+) Ram 2500 / (2013+) 3500 radius arm models

    • Lifted height specs based on diesel engine. Gas engine will bring slightly taller lift heights

    • Rear swaybar extensions are included for when longer length rear shocks are installed along with the front and rear springs. 

    217800      2.5″ V.S. Series Remote Reservoir Front Shocks